Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel

Hello! Just shouting out that this is not sponsored! I’ve purchased all of these products myself and these are all my own crazy opinions! I’m also clearly no nail profressional! HA!

I have finally found my all time favorite nail polish! After getting acrylic nails with gel polish done at the salon for most of the year of 2018, my nails were damaged and brittle. I knew my nails needed a break, so in October I removed them, myself. I don’t recommend doing that yourself just as an F.Y.I.  It took a good four months for awful ridges to grow out so I could start painting my nails at home. Years ago I bought gel polishes to use at home that you cured under an LED light and I loved it. However, the removal process was a huge pain in my backside! The application was time-consuming too.  So, after searching for some long-lasting, do it yourself, no light needed gel polish I am happy to say my nails have never looked better!

This Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel (Phew that’s a long name!)  not only lasts for at least a week, it helped my nails stay strong enough that the length became annoying! I never thought my nails could get this long without going to a salon to have some tips applied. They got so long in fact, that they started curling in! Weird, I know! Today I cut them back and put on a fresh coat of polish to get ready for a girls weekend in Portland this coming up this Friday! Gotta have a fresh mani!

The application and removal are super easy! No soak off necessary and it dries really quick. I hate applying regular polish and waiting for what seems like hours, only to get into bed and have them smudge! UGH! It not only drives me insane but the hubby too since I refuse to get into bed until they’re dry! (We only have so much time to cuddle!) I’ve never had that happen since I’ve used this polish! You just apply two coats of the Gel Envy color of your choice and one coat of the Diamond Top Coat. Wait about ten minutes and you’re good to go!

Here are my nails after close to two weeks with this color, Pocket Aces. Long overdue for a manicure!20190326_211910

I decided to trim them down quite a bit this time since the polish lasts so long and now they’re growing so fast. This polish makes them so strong that I’ve only had one nail break, a couple of them chip and that was while at work. I’m always so hard on my hands and nails. And then, no breaks at home! With four kids and me constantly cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and dishes etc. I’m extremely surprised I haven’t had a fatality with my nails at home yet.  I’ve used each of these three colors at least twice. Well over 6-8 weeks and only one broken nail. That is amazing!

At the time being,  I have the shades, Try Your Luck, Pocket Aces and Heartbreaker. I’ve gotten so many compliments with the newest shade Heartbreaker whenever I’ve worn it! Even the guy who brought out my groceries at the Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup mentioned he liked them! HA!

I have purchased all these polishes at my local Wal-Mart but I found some more colors online! There are a few I’ve got my eye on for my next beauty shopping trip! After looking for the shades online and not finding them all,  I’m beginning to think my store here had some old discontinued colors! But I found a couple similar to the ones I can’t find!

For Pocket Aces I found Get Lucky which is very close! Click HERE to check it out!

Try Your Luck looks similar to Wild Card or Showtime. Wild Card has the same bright hue but no shimmer. Showtime has the same shimmer but is a deeper color. Click HERE to see both!

And for my absolute favorite so far, click HERE to see Heartbreaker!!!! dsc_0423_1

I’m still open to test out some more brands, so if you have any recommendation I’m all ears! Let me know if you’ve tried the Revlon Gel Envy in other colors that you love! I am in need of more colors!

Until my next post, have a fantastic perfectly imperfect day!

Rebekah wilson ~ Boymom Belle


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