Super Easy Craft For Kids! Painted Rock-Note Holders!

Spring Break Crafts!!!

I remember as a kid loving breaks from school! Now as an adult I go into a small panic wondering how I’ll keep the boys occupied throughout the day! I’ll probably regret saying this but so far it’s been smooth sailing! They’re all finally at an age they don’t require constant entertaining and crafts are now done pretty much on their own! I just need to help direct what we’re working on and let them go crazy with their own personal creations!

The boys and I decided we should paint some rocks! My kids love painting rocks but I wanted to make them useful. So add a small clothespins and viola, you have a note holder! My kids and I love giving notes back and forth to each other and leaving them as a surprise when we get home! So this was super easy, leaves lots of room for creativity and to my surprise, my pre-schooler did all of the work on his own! I have the age range of 11 to 5 years old boys and this worked for each one of them!

What You’ll Need:

  • Rock – I had my boys run outside and find a rock from the backyard. We have a ton! The smoother the better. And each kid picked a different size/shape.
  • Paint – spray paint, nail polish and paint pens. Whatever you like to paint with will work! I Just picked the easiest things for them to use by themselves. My mom is super awesome and had a huge supply from doing crafts with the kids! Thanks mom!
  • clothespins– I used mini ones because that’s what I had on hand from other crafts but a larger one with a big rock would work too!
  • Creativity – decorate however your heart desires! My five-year old kept telling me his was a galaxy. Oldest two made their initials and the third son mixed a ton of colors to come out with his own unique design!


  1. Spray paint your rock any color you choose. I put them in a box to keep the over spray to a minimum and painted them the night before.


    spraying in a box helps keep spray paint contained

  2. Use paper to place your rock on or anything that will help protect your table from paint. Dollar Store tablecloths would work fantastic!


    construction paper layed down to protect the table

  3. Decorate with nail polish, paint pens, acrylic paint and brushes etc. Anything to get the end result of what you’re wanting. Glitter would be fun too!
  4. Let paint dry completely.
  5. Using a hot glue gun, have an adult glue the clothespins towards the top of your rock. Using one of the flat sides as your bottom so it opens vertically. dsc_0433
  6. Once glue is dry, you’re done!

Painting rocks is a super easy and a fun way to keep kids entertained and let them get creative juices flowing. I’ll attach some other pictures of some other rocks the kids have painted in the past with their Grammy. Nail polish is such an inexpensive way to paint small rocks. Head to your local dollar store and you can get jewel rocks, nail polish and the clothespins for $3! Painted jewel rocks look pretty at the top of a potted plants to add a touch of color too!

I can’t wait to start using these note holders for reminders, To Do’s and notes to let the boys know how awesome I think they are!!!

Until my next post, have a fantastic perfectly imperfect day!

Rebekah Wilson ~ Boymom Belle



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