Finding New Trails

Spring time is always the start of our adventures for our family! We are antsy to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! If you’ve been reading along you already know that I am ready come January to bust out of the house and scope out some new scenery! I hate being cold though. Our kids have gotten their hatred of winter from their dad and me so we are like a family of bears hibernating through the cold anxiously waiting for the sun to bring out green grass and flowers! Nathan is always bringing me home wildflowers on his own expeditions! I love me some fresh flowers!

My hubby is great at finding places for us to explore! I call it his “virtual hunting”! It’s usually to figure out where he wants to hunt next but more often than not he finds fishing areas, trails or camp spots for the family while he’s at it. It’s a lot more fun when you can experience the outdoors far away from people!

The last spot he found was quite comical as it’s not far from our house. It’s barely marked as a public area with nice trails and no vehicles allowed. The only thing we were missing was our third son, Vicco, since he was out to dinner with a friend. Nathan brought along his fishing gear with hopes it wasn’t too early for the fish but the water was still cold. Nonetheless, we all had fun! We got out of the house, got some exercise and soaked up the sunshine!


Nathan showing boys elk tracks


My loves!

This is just the first of the trails we want to explore this year! Nathan showed boys how to look for animal tracks, boys searched for bugs, Dexter got himself  a walking stick and got to lead us for a lot of the way! Our goal is seek out new trails for the summer! I am also kicking myself for not getting a video of Nathan trying to catch some garden snakes to show the boys! It was pretty funny since it wouldn’t have been such a challenge when hew as younger! I was super proud of myself for not freaking out when I found the first one! That in itself is a huge accomplishment for me!

Fresh air and sunshine are so good for the soul! It makes me so much happier to be outside! Until the next post, have fantastic perfectly imperfect day!


I love this little Squish Bug!

Rebekah Wilson ~ Boymom Belle


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