A Whirlwind of Anxiety

What a month! Or two actually. It’s been a whirlwind and I cannot believe it’s already March!

Since mid January it’s been a blur. There have been highs that we can celebrate with all of our struggles but lately those lows have drug me down. Despite how hard I’ve tried to keep a positive attitude and outlook I’ve found myself absolutely no fun to be around.

Sometimes it takes five million people to tell you something you already know! As parents we will always put our family first and don’t take time to care for ourselves. I was told enough times to slow down lately and take care of mama that I finally listened. SORT OF. All I know is I need to stop making excuses and start doing things for myself right NOW!

I have struggled with stomach issues for as long as I can remember. Headaches and migraines have been a constant pain as well. I keep putting off going to the G.I. Dr. that I’ve been referred to because of costs and also, ignorance is bliss! It’s really not though because I just make myself miserable by not taking action. So it was completely ironic that it was my husband who ended up having urgent gall bladder surgery two weeks ago. He has a wrought iron stomach! The same day I went to the Dr. for a sinus infection he was admitted to the hospital. Thankfully all went well and he’s almost back to his usual diet! AMEN! In the last month we have also been addressing some behavioral issues with a couple of our children. The constant worry if I’m a good enough mom for them, learning how to help them through this all, and caring for my husband sent my head into a whirlwind of anxiety. Three weeks later I still have a head ache that will not quit but life goes on no matter how I feel.

So with all that said, starting today this mama is on a mission! I’m calling to make my Dr. appointment for my stomach. I’m also heading to the store to get some running shoes and in case you didn’t know, I suck at running. I hate running. But running will give me time for myself completely all alone, it’s free and it can’t hurt to get my cardiovascular health in shape as well! Last weekend I also purchased this super fun Mother-Son journal for my oldest son’s birthday. We have started that in the evenings and to be honest, it’s kind of tough. I have to think really hard for answers on some of the questions. Like favorites. Who doesn’t know their favorite things?!  So self discovery is coming too!

My husband deserves to have a happy partner excited for each day! My boys deserve to have a mom fully present, clear-headed and not overwhelmed. And for those five reasons alone, I’m on this mission to be the best person I can be for them. Starting with my health. Mental and physical. Starting now!

Ready. Set. Go!

Until I update ya’ll on this journey of progress, because I’m a constant work in progress, have a fantastic perfectly imperfect day!

Rebekah Wilson ~ Boymom Belle


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