Cabin Fever Reliever!

As I have told ya’ll before, I hate this time of year! I talked about getting the Winter Blues here.  And just an F.Y.I., I haven’t requested a trip to Hells Canyon yet but we have found other ways to get out! And with four VERY different personalities to accommodate for as well as pretty much living off one income, we get creative! 20190216_115300

Nathan came across this FREE family event to attend last weekend and at first I wasn’t too excited but it was a great way to get the boys out! I mean, the title alone, Cabin Fever Reliever, was screaming my name! It is an expo geared towards safety, fishing, hunting and archery. Giant bonus was that it was held INSIDE! Nice and warm and away from snow, rain, wind or anything related to the type of winter we’ve been having! I always tell my boys I melt in the rain. I should also tell them I hibernate in the winter! Hello Mama Bear!


When we first arrived they still weren’t quite sure this would be fun!

We were lucky enough to meet some friends there we haven’t seen in ages! I ran into the Mama Bear Friend first and she gave us the layout of the place because she and her family had already started. As soon as we walked in, my skepticism vanished. It was held in an old Burlington Coat Factory store in a town about 30 minutes away and had over 12 different booths all with activities for the kids. Did I mention it was FREE? We don’t have anything like this held around our little farm towns.


“The Force is strong with this family.” – Darth Vader

Upon walking in, each child got a passport where they would get a stamp from each booth. Once passport was filled, they could turn it in for a goody bag. To my surprise it was not directed at kids of a very young age. Had they let us adults participate you definitely would have found me at the archery range! Our older boys loved it too! Not gonna lie, the older two didn’t seem too stoked to have to go but they were glad we drug them along.

So final verdict, it was a total win! I hope they have this again next year! Our oldest even won a raffle where he chose an ant farm, new camo hat and gift card to Starbucks. Gift card came in handy for a mommy date that we do on rotation with the boys! I asked them what their favorite part of the event was and they all said Star Wars, archery range and reptile exhibit!

Thank you to all the vendors who sponsored this event! I’m still not entirely sure who they were but they did a fantastic job! Such a wonderful way to showcase that outdoor sporting can be safe, fun and respectable.

Until my next post, have a fantastic perfectly imperfect day!

Rebekah Wilson ~ Boymom Belle


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