Clutter Creates Chaos! Easy Solution To Calming The Clutter.

I finally have a solution for clutter! Throw everything away!!!! HAHA! Just kidding! I wish this could be the case! I get so frustrated with all the crap lying around and I cannot think straight or get anything done when I have to sort through piles to find what I need. I turn into this crazy dragon mom if I go to find something and things are out-of-place haphazardly and tossed about. Then I can’t find what I’m looking for and my anxiety goes through the roof. It actually can be a problem the way I like things tidy but fortunately over the years I’ve got a system in place to help keep my sanity.

Here’s the key, it’s gotta be constant mindset! Have you seen the new Marie Kondo show? If you haven’t been exposed to it you must be living under a rock. LOL! She’s amazing and I love her idea of making sure you surround yourself with things that spark joy! However, you can’t tidy up once and be set. If you’re married or have children it’s worse having  things continuously coming into your house that you must keep up on! Getting your initial tidying system is a definite must but then you have to keep at it! And I have a daily, weekly and quarterly way I get rid of all the clutter.

Since I’m a list master, I always start with a list or multiple lists! Seeing something written down helps focus the mind and keep the motivation going when you’ve got so much stuff lying around it is overwhelming. Set a goal and prioritize. Make daily, weekly and quarterly lists! It’s kind of like when you’re setting your resolution for the year, keep in mind that you’ll always have to work at it. And at some points I get the idea in my head that everything must go! I just want to throw it all away so it’s easier to keep it cleaned up! But it’s just got become part of your routine once you have your lists set up. Because regardless of how hard we might work at it, we will always fall into a rut. We’re human and we’re not perfect! So go back to your lists when life gets hectic and get back on track!

Everyone will have a slightly different system. Here’s an example of my lists I like to create. I will change them up depending on the time of year and what we’ve got going on. But for the most part it’s really simple and stays relatively the same.


  • Dishes – Get them done right away or it’s like they encourage everything else in the house to grow legs and have a party!
  • Clear all surfaces – If you have kids you know what I’m talking about! Counters, tables, chairs, floors, couches, beds, you name it will collect papers, toys, food, notebooks, garbage, etc! Have your kids be accountable for their own items. Sometimes I’ll just pile it up and have them sort through what is their’s and put it in their “homes”. Everything must have a “home” or it gets tossed in the trash! Once cleared, it then gets cleaned. Four boys are messy so I’m constantly cleaning as well as de-cluttering!


    I try to keep as little as possible out on the counters. 

  • Paper and bills – Instead of having the kids hand me their school papers, they get put in their “home” in a tray on the counter. From there I will sort through to see what’s important and important papers have a separate home. For important items we have a hanging locker system that each kid has to store their papers. Junk gets tossed and other projects get hung on the bulletin board to display. Bills also have a home in the hall closet and get thrown away once paid.

  • Laundry – Do a load a day or when your hamper is full. I used to do laundry once a week but then my entire weekend was overflowing with washing, drying and folding. Now a minimum of one load per day is done and my hubby now helps to fold and boys put it away! Each kid has a hamper set on the counter for folded clothes .Once folding is done they get their clothes set into drawers and return hampers to the counter.


    My amazing hubby! Nothing sexier than a man folding laundry! Love him!!!


  • Sorting – Go through your important papers and bills. Toss what is no longer needed and keep what you’re still working on. Replace the special artwork or projects you have on display with new ones the kids have brought home. If you have kids, have them help you! The more involved they are the better. It also helps teach them to prioritize and they’ll eventually do this on their own.
  • Bedrooms – Do a sweep of all the bedrooms for clutter and garbage. I tend to keep the main area of the house tidy and toss randomness in my room! Unfortunately my boys have learned that from me and so it piles up quickly! Hey I’m not perfect! I’m still a work in progress! Encourage everyone in your house to help with this. Make sure they know where their items belong and that they get back to their homes.
  • Laundry – Clear your laundry space. I remember a time when I didn’t have an actual laundry room and it almost seemed easier to keep that space cleared out. But now I make sure the hampers are stacked for the next load, the counter is cleared off and the boys haven’t randomly placed anything on the surfaces there.
  • Garbage – Empty garbage containers throughout the house. And make sure there are enough around that trash actually gets in the containers or it’ll end up on desks, floors or under beds!

Quarterly: (This actually happens more often, like monthly.  I just did the boys’ bedrooms and showed on my Instagram how I do this)

  • Purge Each Room – Take literally everything out of closets, shelves, cupboards, drawers, etc. Pile it in the middle of the room and start sorting. Throw out anything that is garbage; broken toys, toys missing pieces, anything expired, random trash and clothes that can’t be donated. Then have a pile for things you want to donate and a pile to keep. From there find homes for what you will keep. Make sure you can see everything when stored, that it’s easy to get to and put back away. Other wise you’ll end up with a bigger mess the next time you purge! My older boys’ rooms were so quick and easy this time! It wasn’t bad to begin with. I did rearrange their beds so it’s easier to make them. Here’s what I did the past couple of days!



  • Garage – Same thing as purging! We will take everything off the shelves, pull down all the bikes and take the cars out of the garage to give us more space. Go through each box and figure out what you really need to keep and what you can donate. And again make sure when you place everything back it’s easy to get to and you know what you have. Each time you purge it’ll get quicker and easier! (This is our next job and I cannot wait!)

Tips for tidying/purging:

  1. Lists, lists and more lists! When I purge I will make a list to keep me on track. When I recently walked into the little boys’ room I kept thinking, “Where the heck do I even begin?” But with my list I could envision what my end goal was and figure out where to begin. Each time might be a bit different too. This last time it was toys that were the main problem so I knew that’s where I was going to start first. Clothes had already been done the month prior so I knew I could let the drawers go this time around.
  2. Listen to music! I have my Alexa Echo Dot set up on a routine where it’ll announce to everyone that we’re going to start tidying up the house and then it plays music we all love to get us motivated. When I’m purging I’ll play music I know will keep me going. This isn’t necessarily something everyone loves but it’s mama who is doing the majority of the work! Make it as much fun as you can! It’s a daunting task!
  3. Don’t feel like everything must get done all at once! Who has time to do that? Especially with kids, you don’t have a month to have a house full of piles to sort through! Designate the rooms that need the most attention! If I know we’re going to do the garage at that time, I don’t also take on the job of purging my pantry too.
  4. Start when you know you can finish. I know I always have Fridays off so that’s a good day to get things done. I can start working first thing in the morning and fingers crossed I’m done before I have to get my kids from school. If I’m super motivated and my weekend is clear, I’ll continue on through Saturday and Sunday too! A lot of the time when I get started I cannot stop! So there are times I’ll get multiple rooms cleared out.
  5. Invest in containers! Someday I’ll have pretty containers that all match and coordinate. But for now I have cheap ones from the drug store or the Dollar Store. As long as they serve a purpose! I use a lot of plastic drawers too. I especially love bins for my pantry. They help to keep similar items grouped together so you can see what you have and it’s easy to put away!

I hope this was helpful to you! If nothing else, I hope it helps to see that lists are key! Whether you write it down on paper or use your device, lists are my super power! I was even thinking of having my Alexa help me on my next purge since I use it daily for our routines!

My next projects will be to start decorating the bedrooms! They need fresh paint because let’s face it, boys are crazy! And honestly I hate posters! I’ll figure out a way to incoroporate them since the boys love them but I can’t wait to see how we can transform their rooms! Until my next post, I hope you have a fantastic perfectly imperfect day!

Rebekah Wilson ~ Boymom Belle


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