How I Do Beauty On A Budget

I have never been one to spend a lot on beauty products even though it’s one of my favorite things! I am also known to not have an abundance of one item. I absolutely hate clutter and spending unnecessary money! I do however love to go shopping when I need something and if I can get it on sale it’s a major bonus! I learned at a very young age that a lady never leaves the house without her makeup from my Grammy and my Mom! It’s stuck with me unfortunately and now I never leave home without it.  I remember being very upset one morning at breakfast visiting my Grammy when she came to the table without lipstick. In a very direct tone that I can envision sounding like my youngest right now I asked, “Grammy, where’s your ipstick?” She laughed and said, “I’m going to eat breakfast. I’ll apply it when I’m done.”

Now as a mom of four it is hard finding the time for myself but I make the time because it helps my mood and I feel so much better when I’m all “put together”. There was a time when it was just BB cream and mascara because I was pregnant and my oldest was starting school. I just didn’t have the energy to overcome the exhaustion at that time and once Dexter was born, there was no way I was putting in any extra energy for my appearance. If you’re in that stage mama, I feel ya. It gets better I promise. Plus it’s not the end of the world to rock your God give natural beauty!

A couple of years ago I started selling makeup as an independent sales consultant. I loved the free makeup, still use some of the products and it was so much fun to try out new things and share that with others. However, I didn’t have the time or motivation to keep up with it and I found myself with too much product on hand. Again, I hate clutter! It gives me anxiety! I bought some organizers to put on my beauty desk and I’ve only allowed myself to have enough products that fit in the containers. I have one sitting here with nothing in it right now too! Woohoo!

So with all that said, I only buy what I NEED! It’s so tempting to get everything new that comes out or what beauty gurus review and love. These reviews work for a reason! We see our favorite influencers who try them out and love them and instantly we believe we must have it too! Check out reviews, really research if it’s something you think will work for you and when you’re needing it then look for sales. I for one have very oily skin and I never see anyone with oily skin like me so I have to always take that into account. I cannot do dewy foundation or primers. As much as I love it on someone else, it just doesn’t work for me. I also love a bright pink lipstick and it’s an awful shade for me! So again, I have to see reviews for the formulas not the shades. I could binge watch YouTube all day if given the chance! I love seeing new products and I make a mental note to go back to something that peaked my interest when I’m running low on that particular item.



Two shades of foundation and concealer because of my weird undertones lol

For example, my last couple of purchases were made at Wal-Mart after a lot of research for the perfect formulas. The foundation I currently had was too dark and wasn’t working for my winter skin. Even with oily skin I get weird dry patches. I started really looking into foundation and primers that could benefit my skin this time of year. My concealer was also down to the last drop and with my dark circles being more fierce than ever I found a full coverage concealer to combat those! Both in two shades because of my weird undertones. But I didn’t buy them until I needed them. And finding them at a drug store saved me a ton of money. Plus if they don’t work for you, most drug stores will return them or give you in store credit! Then you’re really not at a loss. When shopping at department stores for high-end products, get samples and test them out first! You might find they don’t live up to the hype or you could find a dupe for half the price! I also had my hair straightener blow up in my hands! Literally smoking and sparking as I plugged it in. So I purchased a new one when I could and I’m going to be trying that out today!



Call it minimalist, call it frugal. I just look at it as a way to keep my sanity and feel good about myself! No extra clutter, I’ve got what I need and want, and I’m not spending a ton of money of products that could expire before getting the chance to fully use it. Another note I want to add, if you do buy high-end products as soon as they come out and have a plethera on hand there’s nothing wrong with that! You do you girl! I have no judgement whatsoever! But for those of us who cannot afford it, don’t worry! You can still have your “ipstick” and look fabulous on a budget!

Until my next post, have a fantastic perfectly imperfect day!

Rebekah Wilson ~ Boymom Belle



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