The PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs!

After years and years of green-ish innards in my hard-boiled eggs I have mastered the most delicious, beautifully boiled eggs! My kids eat them for snacks. I eat them as a protein in my meals and my husband loves egg salad sandwhiches! Salads are my favorite! So without further chit-chat here is how you can perfect your own!

 All you will need is the following…

  • Raw Eggs – I cook 18 at a time because we go through a ton! Sometimes I’ll make two batches in a week!
  • Water
  • Large Pot
  • Timer
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Towel – not necessary but I like mine dry before I put them in the fridge

1. Place eggs in the bottom of the pan. Do not over fill or they will hit each other and break while boiling.


2. Add Water into the pan. You just need enough to completely cover your eggs.


3. Add 2 TBSP of Vinegar and a dash of salt. This helps with coagulation if the egg happens to crack so the white doesn’t billow out. It also helps to peel the shell off for a smooth exterior.



4. Place pot on stove and heat on high. I like to put the lid on to help heat it faster. This could totally be all in my head but for me it works! LOL! Heat until boiling.

5. Once boiling remove the lid. Heat on high for one minute.


6. Place lid on pot and heat on low. Simmer for 15 minutes. I will put my pot on the smaller heat element since I have a gas stove. This helps not over cook the eggs.

7. Immediately run eggs under cold water to stop the eggs from cooking.


8. Place eggs on a towel to dry. It does not take long for them to dry out. I don’t like excess water in my bowl when I reach in the fridge for my eggs. Once dry, store eggs in the fridge or eat right away! Note- see the cracked egg? It didn’t billow out and is still edible! 


And Voila! You have some beautiful, perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs!


Hope you enjoyed this super simple recipe! Let me know how you like to eat your hard-boiled eggs! I typically eat them with salt and pepper or in a salad! I need more ideas to keep my healthy eating on track!




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